Welcome to Sawaragilab

Mechanical Systems Design Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science,
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University

Group photo on Sep. 23, 2017 (Lab members and alumni celebrated Prof. Sawaragi's 60th birthday!!)
—Design for Connecting People and Machines—

Automation is built in to the mechanical systems people come into contact with in a variety of ways. In reality, however, human intervention is unavoidable in many different situations—for example, in the monitoring and control of large and complex systems, at manufacturing sites, and in the daily use of common appliances.

Our work focuses on the human-oriented design of mechanical systems to address these kinds of issues by taking usability into consideration. We are engaged in research on design that recognizes and actively utilizes the interaction between humans and machines, and on design principles for ensuring that systems are easier to understand and use, by allowing human and machine logic to operate simultaneously, and consciously exploiting the interaction between the two.

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